Kingdom Resources Investor Relations

April 29, 2014
The Kingdom Resources recently hired its first “Investor Relations Manager”.  Due to the number of working projects it became a necessity to hire one individual who job requirement is to communicate directly with our accredited investors.  A phone call is always our preferred method of communication but we understand you may not always be available.  TKR has established additional methods to allow our clients to follow their investment on a daily basis.  Each of our accredited investors is assigned a specific username and password.  This allows entrance into our investor portal.  Immediate access is granted and you will locate drilling and completion updates, monthly production information and we provide detailed explanations of all key activities pertaining to your project.  TKR’s mission statement states ““Creating Opportunity with Integrity and Compassion valuing Quality and Stability in the marketplace.”  This plan leads the way. It renews our vision and strategic focus by adding value to our target market segments in the oil and gas market.